Oldie Phone


Oldie Phone

Anywhere Sim are proud to partner The Oldie.  We have created two packages which provide the very best coverage, right across the EU & UK, very simple operation and incredibly good value pricing.

Option 1 is the Doro 820 Mini Smartphone:  

The 820 Mini is one of the easiest smartphones to use, and is ideal for beginners of all ages. It even has built-in guides and tutorials to show you how everything works.

It has full internet functionality, and a touch screen that is simple to use – even with sausage fingers! And when placed on its side in the unique charging cradle, it doubles up as a radio, a digital photo frame or even an alarm clock.

Option 2 is the Doro 612 Feature Phone:

This beautifully designed phone opens and closes like a clamshell, meaning you always know when you have ended a call or switched it off. It has a large screen, with large text, and is compatible with hearing aids. The keypad has larger-than-average, well-spaced buttons for easy texting and dialling.

Doro are the market leader in the senior mobile market.  Recently voted ‘The most reliable mobile phone brand in the market’ by Which Magazine readers.

Anywhere Sim is a full UK & EU roaming sim which allows you to benefit from any available network.  That means if you are in an area where there is only Vodafone coverage, you will have coverage.  However, if you then find yourself in an area where there is only O2 coverage, you will automatically have coverage!  Its revolutionary and absolutely ideal if you use your phone as your only means of communication.

The costs are very straight forward too.  10p per minute anywhere in the EU & UK, 5p per SMS again anywhere in the EU & UK and 10p per MB for data!

Just in case you haven't already purchased one, its available here!