Anywhere Sim was announced to the world on Friday, via the BBC News website.  Since then, we have been overwhelmed with the response!  The clear demand for a solution to the problem of poor coverage has been staggering, even for us!

We always knew that the problem was there, we just didn't know how big it was.  We are even more determined than ever to help anyone who is experiencing poor reception or not spots around the UK.  We are developing some very interesting packages which will include mobile devices & accessories, specifically aimed at people who are likely to experience poor mobile coverage.

These will include devices with large buttons and nice loud ringers for people with reduced vision and the hard of hearing.  Devices that are waterproof and ruggedised for the outward bound amongst us.  Devices with dual sim holders which will allow you to have a second sim (your new Anywhere Sim) ready in an emergency or when you simply have to upload that picture to Facebook!  This is perfect if you already have a contract with a traditional network provider already.

All of our devices all be starting from under £100 to cater for all kinds of situations and budgets.

Once again, we are really blown away by the level of interest and are looking forward to delivering a fantastic alternative to restrictive one network communication!

Anywhere Sim