q> how do I top up?

a> just dial 333 from the handset during office hours, or visit the website anywheresim.com/topup

q> what is the number to call voicemail?

a> 121.

q> how do I check my remaining balance easily?

a> simply dial 222 from your handset.  The remaining balance will be displayed on the screen. :-) 

q> what is the APN for Anywhere Sim?

a> it is really easy!  You simply name the APN - Anywhere.  The APN field should be  - mobiledata.  Everything else should be blank or default.  Any problems, just give us a call on 01200400010.

q> can you send MMS or picture messages?

a> no, sorry!

q> whats the catch?

a> there isn't one!

q> do you charge for incoming calls, either in the UK or the EU?

a> no, its free to receive a call at all times.

q> why hasn't this been done before?

a> mobile networks prefer to keep you on their network because its much cheaper than paying another network to let you on theirs.

q> can I use the sim outside the EU?

a> not yet, but you will be able to in early 2018.

q> will you be providing mobile handsets and accessories too?

a> yes!

q> how does the sim switch from one network to another?

a> it does it automatically and will always seek out the next available network! 

q> can you carry a conversation from one network to another without dropping the call?

a> unfortunately not.  that would require a lot more cooperation from mobile networks than is currently possible. 

q> can I port my number to you?

a> yes!

q> will your sim work with 4G?

a> soon!

q> whats the difference between the sims, other than the name?

a> Each sim is numbered to reflect the amount of credit that comes with it.  e.g.  Sim 10 comes with £10, Sim 40 comes with £40 etc.

q> which networks will the sim work with in the UK?

a> We have a number of sims, which collectively provide access to Three, Vodafone, O2 & EE (Three availablity is subject to a compatible 3G device)

we will be adding more questions and answers as we receive them!